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The Nobel Prize

Leontief’ success in application of Input-Output Method of Economic Analysis can be accounted for by his outstanding capabilities as an economist-generalist with diverse interests in many spheres , e.g. international trade theory, monopoly theory, econometrics. Wassily Leontief won the 1973 Nobel Prize in Economics “for the development of the input-output method and for its application to important economic problems.  The prize announcement credited Leontief as the "sole and unchallenged creator" of this powerful idea, which is now a standard economic-projection tool in countries and corporations around the world.

Since he was one of the first economists concerned about economy impact on environmental quality,   Leontief’ Nobel lecture described a simple input-output model related to world ecology, where the environmental pollution was distinctly presented as an independent sector. W.W. Leontief: “In Less Developed Countries the inauguration of abatement activities aimed at limiting pollution … would bring about expanded employment while requiring some sacrifices in consumption”

At the Nobel Prize Winner’s site you could find information about Ceremony of Presentation to the Nobel Prize.:


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