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Since the day of its foundation, the International Centre for Social and Economic Research Leontief Centre has worked in a close cooperation with Wassily Leontief. Unfortunately, the age did not allow him to visit Russia as often as we would wish, but he was interested in research, made by the Centre, the materials of the Centre were sent to him regularly and the results of its work got his approval.


By the results of international seminar  «Real Estate Markets and Development of Cities: Russian Reforms and International Practice”  Leontief Centre   published a monograph with the foreword of W.Leontief, where he points out that «beforehand in Russia the issues of land reform were not given necessary attention…soon the cities of Russia will face complicated problems…, to overcome which it is important to create legal, institutional and economic conditions in which the private sector and the state will be able to act as partners, who’s interests are protected and rights secured».



In 1993 Wassily Leontief visited Saint Petersburg for the last time, met with Leontief Centre, Saint Petersburg State University and School of economics employees, city administration representatives.  

The name of Leontief is given to the Annual Conference

In 1999 Wassily Leontief has passed away in New York on the 93d year of life. Willing to commemorate the outstanding scientist - the founder of Leontief Centre appeared an idea to gather in St.Petersburg scientists and discuss the first results of the conducted reforms. This idea was supported in the Carnegie Moscow Center and by joint effort in February 2000, in St.Petersburg the first conference was held, which gain wide public attention and by its results it was decided to hold the Leontief Readings Conference annually.  

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